• 05-OCT-2018

SEAT and AFGNV partner to promote natural gas as a fuel in France

SEAT and AFGNV partner to promote natural gas as a fuel in France
  • SEAT joins the Association Française du Gaz Naturel pour Véhicules (AFGNV) and aims to enhance innovation projects in France
  • The carmaker is going to start selling gas powered vehicles in France by the end of this year, with the Leon TGI
  • The company presented the new Arona TGI at the Paris Motor Show, the world’s first urban SUV fuelled with CNG
Paris, 05/10/2018. - SEAT President Luca de Meo and the President of the Association Française du Gaz Naturel pour Véhicules (AFGNV), Jean-Claude Girot, have signed a strategic agreement to promote joint innovation projects and expand the use of natural gas in the area of mobility in France. This long-term partnership is a further step in SEAT’s strategy to spearhead growth in the segment of cars fuelled with compressed natural gas (CNG) and consolidates the company as an international benchmark.
SEAT President Luca de Meo emphasised that “with this agreement we reaffirm our commitment to developing compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel. CNG vehicles actively contribute to efficient mobility in cities, reducing emissions and fulfilling new environmental criteria.”
The AFGNV is an organisation which gathers French public, economic and industrial stakeholders, and its goal is to promote the development and use of natural gas and biogas as fuels in France. Its members include the Association Française du Gaz, vehicle manufacturers, businesses in the gas, automotive and mechanical sectors, and natural gas distributors and suppliers.
AFGNV President Jean-Claude Girot explained that “we are pleased that SEAT has joined our association, which rallies and mobilises a sector of the future with a view to sustainable growth. Their expertise will enhance that which is contributed by the 90 current members.”
SEAT, committed to CNG technology
SEAT is the European brand with the most comprehensive CNG model lineup following the arrival of the Arona TGI, which was just presented at the Paris Motor Show. The company sells its gas powered vehicles mainly in Spain, Germany and Italy. By the end of this year, SEAT is going to begin selling CNG cars for the first time in France, with the SEAT Leon TGI.
SEAT is committed to CNG as it as a technology which already exists and can be widely offered to customers. Its great benefits include the reduction of CO2and NOx emissions, fuel price savings, refuelling time and similar vehicle costs compared to diesel or petrol cars.
In addition to technological development, SEAT is also working to promote the implementation of infrastructures and services that facilitate the expansion of the CNG vehicle fleet. SEAT is a member of GASNAM, the Iberian association that promotes the use of natural gas for mobility in all sectors of economic activity, and engages with institutions and businesses to further the use of this fuel.
In this context, for example, SEAT signed a strategic agreement in 2017 with the Spanish company Naturgy in order to promote the introduction and marketing of vehicles fuelled with compressed natural gas. This partnership has enabled both companies to work together on a household natural gas refuelling programme aimed at private customers, backed by the Administration in order to comply with the regulatory aspects related with this activity. The strategic agreement also includes a greater implementation of gas powered vehicles and the promotion of CNG in the area of public services.
SEAT launches the Arona TGI, powered with compressed natural gas
SEAT is showcasing the Arona TGI at the Paris Motor Show, the world’s first urban SUV fuelled with CNG. The new Arona TGI thus joins the extensive range of vehicles fuelled with compressed natural gas, which includes the Mii, the Leon and the Ibiza. SEAT’s goal is to become the mobility benchmark brand for vehicles powered with natural gas, biogas and future synthetic fuels. The company currently has the most comprehensive model lineup of CNG cars in Europe.